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Musical IQ

Musical IQ is an inspiring, creative, unifying and fun Steam Based School Program that takes our students on a musical journey from Africa to America!

Happy Mother's Day!

To all our families, on behalf of myself and my entire administrative team, we want to wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day!!!

- Principal Anthony Casella


Our mission is to create programs that afford every student with a rigorous, equitable and positive learning experience. The purpose is to provide opportunities that will enhance student performance, as well as, to move students toward a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). We provide multiple options to achieve LRE, specifically: Day Treatment; Community Based Instructional Programs, Work Study and full time General Education Inclusion (Intermediate and High School). To achieve our mission, we are committed in building system-wide coherence to accelerate learning for every student. To do this we will, Strengthening Core Instruction, Know Every Student Well and Use Shared and Inclusive Curriculum, so that every child is prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We believe that all children have the potential to succeed.


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