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P25 @ IS 7

Welcome to P25 @ IS 7! Our site consists of Special Education grades 6-8, providing a 12:1:1 instructional ratio.


PS/IS 25 @ IS 7

Address: 1270 Huguenot Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312

Phone: (718) 948-0414

Administrator: Gerard Tingos




For students with academic and/or behavioral management needs that interfere with the instructional process and require additional adult support and specialized instruction.

  • 12 students
  • One special education teacher
  • One paraprofessional



For students whose needs are severe and chronic and require constant, intensive supervision, a significant degree of individualized attention, intervention and behavior management.

  • 8 students
  • One special education teacher
  • One paraprofessional
December 14th: PBIS Movie Trip, Black Panther
December 15th: Holiday Fair
December 20th: PBIS Rockefeller Center Trip
December 21st: Holiday Breakfast
December 23rd: Polar Express Day...wear your PJs!
December 26th-January 1st: No students in attendance