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Hello! As your school counselor, here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Social/Emotional Counseling
  • Academic Needs and Concerns
  • Career Exploration
  • Connection to Community Resources 
  • Student Advocacy and Support
  1. The Power of Intention Setting for a Mindful School Year - Holly Duckworth, host of the Everyday Mindfulness Show and author of Mindful Leadership put it this way, “Intention in mindfulness practice means focusing our energy on our highest values. It is about how you want to be as you are caught up in all the doing.” In this short article, she shared some key points to set an intention. (All ages)
  2. The How, What, and Why of Setting Intentions for Students

     (For Elementary School Students)

    This article provides helpful prompts to guide a conversation and reflection questions to help students think about their values and aspirations
  3. Intention Setting in the Classroom (For Middle/High School Students)

    Under the Social-Emotional Learning section on Edutopia, the authors explained the difference between goal setting and intention setting and discussed the key aspects of intention setting, which can be implemented easily with your students.
  4. A Mini Meditation – Setting an Intention (For All Students)

    This mini meditation will guide you and your students to set a clear, actionable intention for the week.